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Pre-Team Program
Developing Potential

Our goal at Peoria Elite Gymnastics Academy (PEGA) is to develop each individual’s gymnastics potential in a safe and challenging, yet enjoyable atmosphere.  Using specific gymnastics progressions and a highly trained gymnastics staff, each gymnast will learn the correct fundamentals and basic skills which will help equip the athlete with the knowledge and ability to progress to whatever level she has the potential for and desires.  In our program, each coach will use the sport of gymnastics to help every child develop a greater sense of self-confidence and a more positive self-image.

Our goal is to provide the mental and physical discipline needed to compete one day within a framework of positive reinforcement and encouragement.  Learning to be comfortable in a competitive situation is a positive experience and adds to a child’s development and future success as an adult.

The Pre-Team Program has several tiers. We invite students in from recreational preschool classes into Jr. Hopes and students from the school age recreational program into Hopes.


Jr. Hopes

This group will mostly be comprised of kindergarten-age children and sometimes exceptionally mature 4-year olds that have been recommended by their class instructor and evaluated by the competitive team staff.  These girls will USUALLY be training 2 times per week for 1 1/2 hours.  The class will cover the foundation of the sport of gymnastics.  These girls will do lots of body shaping, flexibility, strength building, and work towards developing a solid foundation of the basics of gymnastics in a fun environment.  At this stage, one of the key elements will be to continue to strengthen the child’s “love of the sport,” while developing physical characteristics that will lend themselves to development in the future.  The time spent in this group will USUALLY be one year.



This group is a continuation of the development that began in the Jr. Hopes program.  Hopes will practice 2 times per week for 2 hours .  The Hopes groups will begin to do even more skill work, but will still spend the majority of their time working to create a foundation for the skills to come.  There will be more work done on gymnastic-specific conditioning type exercises.  The “love of the sport” will continue to be a huge priority, so an emphasis on fun will still play an important role.  However, these girls will be preparing to move into the actual team program so they will also begin to develop an understanding of the degree of hard work that competitive gymnastics requires.  The time spent in this group will USUALLY be one year.


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